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Our mission is to offer your knowledge a push through our comprehensive modules and supportive mentors so you can achieve success in the field of digital marketing .

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Our vision is to spearhead the field of digital marketing education to cater to a large fraction of aspiring digital marketers.

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There are several reasons why you should be opting the Indian Institute of Digital Learning & Development (IIDLD)

  • Expert guidance: You get to acquire knowledge from the experts who are at the leading edge in the field of digital marketing
  • Practical approach: The experts at IIDLD have emphasized conferring hands-on experience using simulations and projects
  • Personal support: You will find yourself placed in an environment that is conducive to growth but the means of our experts who will be with you every step of this journey
  • Career opportunities: You can unlock a diverse set of career opportunities in the trending field of digital marketing.
  • Networking: As we believe in reinforcing practical knowledge we also appreciate networking and lobbying for which you will have ample opportunities
  • Customisation: Our module is flexible and comprehensive and offers online lectures, workshops and certifications
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Frequently Asked Question

Digital marketing makes use of and comprises all the kareting efforts done via means of internet and electronic devices. It may include email, search engines, social media, apps and much more. The main goal of digital marketing is to generate leads and promote products through digital mediums

Digital marketing strategy makes use of various strategies and schemes such as :

Research: Understanding the key highlights of the product that is being promoted as well as the target audience

Web optimisation: Making sure that your website is optimised for the search engines and easier for your audience to understand

Email marketing:Sending optimised emails to generate leads and promote the products or services offered

Paid advertising: Making use of paid channels such as Google Ads to reach out to and cater a larger audience

SEO functions in an orderly fashion in which the website and it's content is optimised to improve it's visibility. There are certain concepts influencing it such as keyword research, on page optimisation, off page optimisation, technical SEO etc

Digital marketing is one of the most proliferating industries in today’s time. Ascribed mainly to the constant evolution of technology, Digital marketing has grabbed a lot of attention and is continuing to do so. However, this is still a budding industry and institutions offering the right knowledge are still less. However, Indian Institute of Digital Learning and Development ushers in the opportunity for you to learn about the principles and dynamics of digital marketing from the best in the industry. In this vast field there are a plethora of skills for you to mastersuch as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), SEM ( Search engine Marketing ) , CRM, Content creation and curation and many more. To understand all these in an orderly fashion while mastering all the basic and intermediate principles in the same, we need to be able to seek guidance from the leading experts in the field who can optimise the learning process and IIDLD helps with the same. Secondly, digital marketing is a versatile field which everyone has explored, some people more than the others. So to level the playing field we offer personalised advice to all the students ensuring that their knowledge bracket is maximised. For this IIDLD will not only offer them theoretical knowledge but also practical skills for which they make use of real world simulations, hands - on situations etc Another hallmark of choosing Indian Institute of Digital Learning and Development is the cost effectiveness. These classes will not loosen your purse strings but still help you gain the most useful knowledge in the field of digital marketing. So join today and grab your desired job.